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Football Team Coach
A Classroom Lecture
Teenage Students Raising Hands
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Students Taking Exams
Smiling Student
Professor & Students
Students Studying Outside
Students During Break
Students in Classroom
Teenage Girls with Masks
Experimenting in Lab
Girl's Softball Team


Join us as we learn though movement and creativity in a God-honoring environment

Science Class

Our Philosophy

At Cela Education we believe a that education should involve the body and spirit as much as the mind. Through our homeschool educational program we incorporate creative aspects of learning based on psychologists Jean Piaget summary that children learn best when they can explore. Leveraging Waldorf, Montessori, and Charlotte Mason pedagogues that are in line with Piaget's observations, we provide a Godly environments that allow students to have freedom of movement to enhance their learning experiences.

Teen Prayer Group

Cela Education exists for...

Cela Education exists for students Kindergarten through 2nd grade (upper grades to be added starting August, 2023) providing homeschool enrichment classes and activities to stimulate  and grow the mind, body, and spirit. Students will be provided the opportunity to blend creativity and love of explorative learning to discover what it is to be made in God's image. Classes offered provide all ages the opportunity to learn through art, literature, STEM/STEAM, and movement in a variety of environments meant to challenge their bodies as much as their minds.

Outdoor Education

Our Classrooms

Cela Education brings to students a variety of classrooms to stimulate curiosity and exploration while providing ample opportunity for movement often not afford in traditional classrooms. Currently hosted at Bayside Sports Academy, students have the opportunity to move and explore during class and provided ample time to work on gymnastics and ninja skills as part of their learning experience. 

Join us! Classes start January 9, 2020

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